Oriflame NovAge Fine Pore and Thinner
Perfect your skin and disguise the effects of a busy lifestyle in seconds with Oriflame’s NovAge Fine Pore and Thinner.
What does it  do:
Helps instantly minimize the appearance of dilated pores, ridges, uneven skin tone and texture. Provides a quick and easy application that results in a smooth foundation for a perfect make-up.

Main benefits:

Helps reduce the appearance of pores;
Helps instantly reduce fine lines
Instantly reduces pore appearance;

Other benefits:

Helps to skintify;
Formulated to reduce and control brightness;
Helps to create a smooth foundation for make-up;
Helps soften the skin.
Lifestyle effects on your skin
NovAge’s Opt-blurring technology instantly fuses into the skin, giving it a smooth base and flawless appearance. These results are achieved thanks to the optical enhancers, which give the skin a soft appearance, while the absorbent powder eliminates the brightness, resulting in a beautifully colored complexion. Clinically tested with high definition cameras for reliable results, the NovAge Fine Pore and Thin Enhancer reveals a visible difference in the skin, providing a perfect finish.

How to use:

1. Apply to affected areas such as dilated pores, ridges and uneven tone and texture. Use after application of serum and cream, avoiding direct contact with the eye contour.

2. Before applying the make-up, apply a thin layer on the entire face, as a base, applying a small amount in the areas to be perfected.

3. For best results, we recommend the use of this product in conjunction with other NovAge products.

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NovAge Fine Pore and Line Enhancer
Stress, sleep deprivation and pollution can be harmful to your skin, boosting pore dilation, sprouting, and a dull, lifeless complexion. Perfect your skin and hide the effects of a busy lifestyle with the NovAge Fine Pore and Thin Enhancer. By instantly minimizing the appearance of pores and thinners, the NovAge Fine Pore and Thin Enhancer gives you youthful, smooth and perfect looking skin. 30 ml.

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