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Join Oriflame and start an exciting journey towards a bright new future! As a consultant you are offered the chance to Look great, Make money and Have fun. Our mission is to fulfil dreams and that means giving you the tools and inspiration to change your lives for the better, to achieve your individual goals.


Look and feel great with our high quality beauty products ranging from cosmetics to nutritional supplements. You will see catalogues full of exciting products, latest fashion trends, scientific skin care innovations and fantastic offers.

As a consultant, you can start to make money immediately. You set your own targets, income and working hours. You choose whether the goal is to make it a successful full time career or sell products in your spare time to earn extra income.

With us you’re your own boss. We also offer you the opportunity to have fun, meet wonderful new people, travel and attend exciting events.

Note: All first orders are payment with order. Once you have placed and paid for a single order of 40 BP (approx. £52 / €72) it will enable a credit limit (subject to Post Code) of between £75 & £125 (€100 +). If you do not order this amount in one order you will continue as a payment with order Consultant until such time you do.