Oriflame Ecobeauty WHY IT’S UNIQUE

Oriflame Ecobeauty WHY IT’S UNIQUE


Think you know natural skin care? Think again!

What is meant by “best natural beauty products” when it comes to skin care?
Even though there are different certification bodies trying to define what natural means, there is no global industry standard as yet. This means, that is up for interpretation. However, natural ingredients are in effect ingredients that are sourced from plants or other natural sources. These are extracted by mechanical means, like pressing, or by use of natural solvents.

And how does this differ from skin care products labelled “organic”?
Organic ingredients are natural ingredients that are organically farmed. This means that farming has taken place without the use of synthetic pesticides.

Is “natural” and “organic” always better, or is this a misconception?
Natural and organic ingredients can be better, but because of their delicate nature, great expertise is required to preserve, formulate and extract the goodness from them. On saying that, synthetic formulations are also safe. It is the process, the expertise in formulating, and a deep knowledge of ingredients, that determine the quality and safety of the final product.

“Instead of trying to understand complicated ingredients, look at a company’s overall philosophy and approach to naturalness.”

Can natural skin care products really target ageing concerns with the same efficacy as non-natural products?
It’s not that black and white. It’s not so much the level of naturalness that influences performance, but rather the formulation of ingredients. The efficacy of natural ingredients can be greatly enhanced when refined through science.

If we do decide to go “natural” what should we be checking for on our labels?
Ingredients are a controversial topic. There has been a lot of misinformation around the subject, and because there is no global industry blueprint, it’s hard for consumers to decipher what labels mean.

Instead of trying to understand complicated ingredients, it might be more beneficial to look at a company’s overall philosophy and approach to naturalness – their environmental, social and ethical standards.

“I do not believe in miracle creams with immediate results, but rather in investing in a daily routine that will result in great skin.” 

Do products created sustainably always have to mean higher price tags?
Buying sustainably managed ingredients can mean higher raw material prices, as you’re ensuring – for example – that your farmer is paid a reasonable wage. But as demand has increased for sustainable raw materials, the cost of production has dropped – it’s economies of scale. Additional savings can be made through smart shipping and efficient production. So no, sustainable does not have to mean expensive.

Why did Oriflame create EcoBeauty and target the eco-conscious

Nature is in our DNA. We’ve been pioneers in developing natural formulations since 1967, so developing the ultimate natural range was a sensible next step for us. EcoBeauty embodies Oriflame’s commit-ment to sourcing ingredients from nature and from renewable sources.
We strive to work in a way that is kind to the environment – from ethi-cally sourced ingredients to minimising waste and pollution.

EcoBeauty is created using natural and organic ingredients formulated to help you achieve and maintain healthy, radiant skin. Go on – indulge yourself.  

Introducing the New and improved EcoBeauty is made using some of the finest natural and organic ingredients and with extracts obtained via processes that harness the most beneficial skin components,

The new formulas have sumptuous textures, refined scents and the packaging is gorgeous.

Users of these  products will have peace of mind knowing they’re applying products that contain some of the purest natural extracts and most effective and ethically sourced ingredients.

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  • All products are made using natural ingredients
  • EcoBeauty Facial Oil, Cleansing Milk and Toner are Certified Organic
  • EcoBeauty Face Cream and Eye Cream are Certified Natural and Fairtrade
  • EcoBeauty products are suitable for all skin types and are completely paraben free
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EcobeautyCleansing Milk

EcoBeauty Cleansing Milk cleanses and purifies skin with Organic Cornflower Water and Organic Sunflower Seed Oil. It melts away makeup and impurities and helps to leave skin feeling protected, softened and loved. It’s paraben-free and Certified Organic.

Cornflowers are full of antioxidants that help protect skin, sugars that help moisturise it, and minerals to help replenish and care for it. We extracted the cornflower’s precious extracts using steam distillation, which causes the plant to open and release all of its goodness.

Sunflower Seed Oil meanwhile, contains fatty acids to nourish and replenish skin and Vitamin E for antioxidant protection. Go EcoBeauty check out my beauty shop  



EcoBeauty Toner is infused with Organic Rosewater and Organic Chamomile. This gorgeously scented toner helps to refresh, soothe and protect the skin. It’s paraben-free and Certified Organic.

Fragrantly contained in water, Organic Rosewater and Organic Chamomile refresh and help to tone the skin with all their goodness, antioxidants and sugars. Both extracts are extracted using steam distillation. The steam causes the plants to release their natural, soothing goodness, leaving us with a liquid form of skin beneficial components. Go EcoBeauty check out my beauty shop  



Day Cream & Eye Cream

EcoBeauty Day Cream and Eye Cream nourish and brighten skin, and the Eye Cream specifically helps to re-energise the delicate eye contour area, diminishing signs of fatigue. Both creams are paraben free and Certified Natural and Fairtrade.

Both creams contain Arctic Lingonberry and Sea Buckthorn Seed Oils. Rich in fatty acids essential to healthy skin, these nourishing seed oils also contain vitamin E for antioxidant protection. Together these creams will smoothen, hydrate and brighten skin.

To harness the pure extracts from these two natural ingredients we used a process called Supercritical CO2 extraction, using a liquid form of carbon dioxide. This method is quick, clean and environmentally responsible, as it requires low operating temperatures compared to other processes. And it means that we harness a purer version of the seed oils from the Arctic Lingonberry and Sea Buckthorn. Go EcoBeauty check out my beauty shop  



 Facial Oil

EcoBeauty Facial Oil feeds skin with rejuvenating nourishment. With Cotton Extract and organic Argan Oil, it replenishes and softens the skin and it’s perfect as an overnight treatment. It’s paraben-free and Certified Organic.

This sublime oil is made from Argan Oil from Morocco and Cotton Extract, which help to moisturise and soften dry skin. Both the Argan Oil and cotton extract contain vitamin E, which helps give skin antioxidant protection, and fatty acids to nourish the skin.

To ensure as much natural goodness remains in the argan oil, we used cold pressing, to grind the argan nuts into a paste and extract the oil droplets. It’s a completely heat- and chemical-free process.

To produce the Cotton Extract, we used a process called oil maceration. It involves placing cotton in a container with Sunflower Oil to target, dissolve and extract the skin-benefiting elements. Once it’s strained you’re left with Cottonseed Oil infused in Sunflower Seed Oil, so you actually get the benefits of both oils. Go EcoBeauty check out my beauty shop  



Newest in the Eco Beauty range is the Evening Primrose Oil & Aloe Vera serum. It will help renew your skin, giving it a hydrating boost that will help to instantly improve skin luminosity.

Evening Primrose Oil is extremely nourishing and contains plenty of gamma-linolenic  acid, which is an Omega 6 fatty acid. Omega 6 fatty acids can mimic skin’s natural lipids to help care for and maintain your skin’s natural hydration levels. This Vitamin E-rich oil also helps to provide skin with vital antioxidant protection.

For thousands of years, the Aloe Vera plant has been treasured for its skin renewing benefits. It’s chock full of plant sugars that help moisturise and soothe skin. With so many skin-benefiting properties from evening primrose and aloe vera, this serum will help to hydrate and boost your skin.

Freeze-drying is essentially a dehydration process that’s perfect for plants like Aloe Vera that contain loads of water. Concentrating Aloe Vera by freeze-drying does not lead to a less hydrating Aloe Vera. On the contrary, it is just as hydrating, helping to moisturise and soothe the skin. This concentrated form of Aloe Vera is extremely pure and helps power EcoBeauty Serum to give your skin the moisture boost it craves.

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Go EcoBeauty check out my beauty shop  

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