Length, volume or all at once? One mascara, two different effects – change as desired! The unique design with two stopper caps allows you to create two different effects with one brush. ● Length: 60% longer than untreated lashes… http://beautyedit.orinet.co.uk/the-one-double-effect-mascara/uncategorized/

When only the best will do, our elegant blend of majestic Orris and calming Sage are the perfect partners. With a beautifully delicate floral fragrance, richly moisturising textures and a sophisticated design; the Essense&Co. Orris & S… http://beautyedit.orinet.co.uk/green-mandarin-orange-blossom-hand-body-wash/uncategorized/

CRAFTED WITH EXCLUSIVE TECHNOLOGY The first fragrance in Oriflame created with innovative air activated technology, to amplify the fragrance with a supremely long-lasting composition and heightened intensity – even up to 6 hours as strong a… http://beautyedit.orinet.co.uk/all-or-nothing-parfum/uncategorized/

Want fuller, runway-inspired eyebrows or naturally sculpted arches? Create the exact brow look you want with our first-ever, creamto- powder pomade for stay-put brows that you can set and forget. Tame and frame your perfect brow look! Des… http://beautyedit.orinet.co.uk/the-one-brow-pomade/uncategorized/

Drench your lips in metallic matte luxury The elegance of the matte and the luminosity of the metallic combined to give your lips an intensely rich, shimmering finish worth celebrating. Intense colour with metallic matte finish. • Hydra… http://beautyedit.orinet.co.uk/giordani-gold-iconic-metallic-matte-lipstick/uncategorized/

Refreshed, Radiant Glow from Within SEE HOW IT WORKS! Suspended in the transparent, aqua-gel formula, Colour Transforming Pearls burst to release micro-encapsulated pigments when coming into contact with skin for a subtle colour transfor… http://beautyedit.orinet.co.uk/giordani-gold-tinted-moisturising-pearls/uncategorized/